Important Note About Positions Edit

Villanova Radio Exec

Please refer to this image for the teams for the executive board. Edit

When joining exec board you must be flexible with your time, organized and understand being a Villanova Radio Exec is a lot of commitment. You must understand that you are applying for positions that people do for a living. If you accept your position you are agreeing to volunteering your personal time to commit to your responsibilities as an exec board member. As an Executive Board member you are signing up to ensure that the general body of DJ’s has a fun experience while also suggesting new ideas and overseeing those ideas to make the overall station a better experience overall. If you think that you are a person who wants to see WXVU become an integral part of both the Villanova and Philadelphia community and want to help DJ’s have a fun experience, then becoming a WXVU Executive Board member is for you.

All Executive Board members must attend weekly meeting with their team leader and must attend monthly meeting with all Executive Board members.

You are required to go to all radio events and recruitments like activities fair unless you have a previous engagement like classes, job, interview, etc. If this may occur, you must tell your team leader and GM. If you do not tell team leader or GM of your absence prior to the event, there will be consequences.

If you don’t adhere to these basic rules, consequences will ensue such as responsibilities being taken away, or further more being let go from your position.

General Manager Edit

Oversees every integral part of the station from the running of the exec board to the laws of the radio. Makes sure the station runs smoothly, efficiently and correctly. Works with every team to make sure the station is producing professional work.

  • Leads Station
  • Delegates responsibilities.
  • Fosters a professional work environment.  
  • Oversees executive board and holds individual members accountable for performing their duties.
  • Holds weekly executive board meetings.  Holds a general body meeting at least once a semester.  
  • Responsible for creating big picture ideas for the station.  
  • Works with Technical director to run the website.  
  • Works with Operations Manager to maintain a clean station.  
  • Works with Programming Director to administer the three strike rule.

Operations Manager Edit

  • Operations manager reports to the general manager and basically serves as the administrative assistant for WXVU.
  • Checks the general wxvu email daily and making sure we respond promptly.
  • Makes sure the station as a whole is organized, clean and presentable.
  • They must make sure the postal mail is checked weekly for new CD’s and any other mail WXVU might receive.
  • Listens to each radio show once throughout the year with the help of each genre director (i.e. music, hip-hop, etc).
  • Takes minutes for every exec board meeting.
  • Overall, the operations manager must be organized, flexible with their time and easily accessible through email or text messaging.  
  • Train people in content of shows

Programming Director Edit

  • Programming Director reports directly to the General manager.
  • Makes and keeps the schedule updated throughout the year. This means they need to also update the site with the new schedule.
  • Keeps attendance for all shows and makes sure each show is logging their shows on Barnie.
  • They must follow and administer the three strike rule meaning if a DJ misses their show three times unexcused then the show is terminated. The programming director must be heavily on their email to respond to emails from DJ’s asking for schedule changes and asking to miss their shows. They are also incharge of training new DJ’s. This means they must distribute each new member to an exec board member. They must make sure all new members are tested and make sure all new members have appropriate production room training through the Tech Director.
  • Overall, the Programming Director must be organized, time efficient and flexible.

Technical Director Edit

  • Reports directly to the general manager
  • Knows the inner workings of the technology of the radio station.
  • Makes sure that we are always up and running either streaming or FM.
  • In charge of conducting production room training.
  • Weekly EAS report logs.
  • Checks discrepancy logs and fixes equipment.
  • Works with broadcast director for training interns.  Trains interns on how to use the production room computer.  Shows new DJs how to record their shows and create station IDs.  Shows new DJs how to operate the board, automation, and broadcast computer.
  • Makes sure the Wiki is up to date.  Adds any new Wiki pages if necessary.

Business Director Edit

  • Oversees all business and social events with outside organizations or campus organizations.
  • Facilitator and oversee PR and Social Media positions.
  • Direct contact and weekly meeting with Joseph Citera, our staff advisor.
  • In charge of underwriting partnerships.
  • Works with General Manager to create better relationships with other media organizations on campus

Media Director Edit

  • Reports directly to the business director
  • The social director’s main responsibility is running the blog. They act as an editor-in-chief of the blog.
  • They are in charge of contacting promoters, venues or tour managers for press passes.
  • They must constantly update the blog with new content and makes sure this content is professional.
  • Along with the blog, the social director must post on all social media daily. This includes facebook, twitter, instagram, and snapchat.
  • They must also think of new ways to brand and popularize WXVU (e.g. #behindthemic).
  • Overall, the social director is in charge of branding WXVU as an organization and must be creative, professional and knowledgeable about editing and websites.

Promotions Director Edit

  • Reports directly to the business director
  • The promotions director’s main responsibility is creating and running events to promote WXVU. This includes running the annual winter festival and Night Under the Stars.
  • Promotions director is in charge of maintaining ties with CAT and other various media organizations on campus with the help of the business director.
  • Promotions director also is in charge of creating events not only for the Villanova and Philadelphia community but also WXVU bonding events.
  • Overall, the promotions director must be knowledgeable about Philadelphia events, Villanova events and creative.

Broadcast Director Edit

  • Communicates with all promoters, builds relationships with promoters.
  • Must be good with networking.
  • Knowledgeable on FCC regulations.
  • Works with Tech director for training guidelines.
  • Responsible for broadcasting portion of training.  
  • Understands professionalism within a radio show, this includes type of music that can be played, PSAs/white cards/IDs, what makes a good show.  
  • They are also incharge of training new DJ’s. This means they must distribute each new member to an exec board member. They must make sure all new members are tested.Makes sure everyone knows and follows FCC regulations.

News Director Edit

  • Reports directly to the broadcast director
  • The News Director is in charge of all public affairs broadcasts.
    • This means they must produce 10 hours of public service broadcasting per quarter semester (so 20 hours per semester).
    • Maintain the integrity of the Public File.
    • Assemble stories about local communities to discuss on air. Recruit other DJs to discuss special topics on air.
  • They must also update the PSA folder on Barnie and keep up to date on the mail we get from the Ad Council.
  • The News Director must also listen to all talk radio shows to ensure professionalism and quality of the shows.
  • Overall, the news director must be knowledgeable about the news and social issues of the world.

Music Director Edit

  • Reports directly to the broadcasting director
  • The Music Director’s responsibilities include checking WXVU’s mailbox and email actively for new and fresh music.
  • They are responsible with updating Barnie with new music.
  • Responsible with engaging with the WXVU community with new music either in newsletter or spotify playlist form.
  • They must listen to all Radio 200 shows to ensure quality and professionalism.
  • Promotes and works with DJ’s to record their shows.
  • They must maintain mixcloud and spotify accounts.
  • They must also work with the Broadcast director to reach out to promoters in bring in new and fresh music.
  • Overall, the Music Director must be time efficient, always checking email, flexible with time and actively in the music scenes.

Sports Director Edit

  • Reports directly to the broadcasting director
  • In charge of sports broadcasts
  • Conducts interviews with villanova athletes
  • Works on creating sports webcasts
  • Ensures quality of every sports show
  • Maintain all sports broadcasts, scheduling who will cover games and ensuring that all shows are notified when game broadcasts interfere with showtimes.

Genre-Specific Director (hip-hop, RPM, etc.) Edit


  • Reports directly to broadcasting director
  • Updates StationPlaylist
  • automation with new songs every week.
  • Ensures quality of every Hip-Hop shows  

RPM Edit

  • Reports directly to broadcasting director
  • Updates StationPlaylist automation with new songs every week.
  • Ensures quality of every RPM show

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